Step #2 – Setting up a 3-Step Sales Funnel


Simple Sales Funnel Blueprint

Click to access Sales-Funnel-diagram.pdf

Here are the seven steps to follow to construct a simple online sales funnel.

1. Create a great landing page.

The landing page is the first impression potential customers will instantly have of your business. Therefore, take time to make sure that it looks great. A good landing page will also encourage visitors to sign up for some sort of list, or subscribe to the website. This gives you that all-important contact information, which becomes your first line of communication.

We recommend using ClickFunnels for your landing page. ClickFunnels is simple, you can use their sales funnel templates, then just drag and drop in your content. You will find videos in this training that will help you with the process, and ClickFunnels also has some amazing training available.

2. Present a front-end offer.

In Training #1 you should have already created your front-end offer. The next step is to present potential customers with the opportunity to get access to a freebie, or entry-level product or service.  It is important when you are creating this front-end offer that you offer value. In the long run, the goal is to build trust so that your prospect will be pre-sold and ready to invest in an upsell offer.

In other words, at this step you should be “pre-selling” on the next step in the funnel.

3. Set up your contact form in Active Campaign

4. Send your new contact to a Thank You page with access to front-end offer

5. Integrate ClickFunnels with Active Campaign

6. Set up Facebook Advertising

7. Test the Sales Funnel

Keep it going…