Step #1 – The Offer/Lead Magnet

5 Things To Consider Before Creating An Offer

How to Create a Lead Magnet That Actually Gets Leads

How to Create a Lead Magnet (Offer)

S1-M1 Your Ideal Client Workbook

S1-M2 How to Record a Presentation

S1-M3 Zoom to YouTube Video

S1-M4 Creating an eBook

Step #2 – Sales Funnel Set-Up

Module #1 Setting up Active Campaign

Module #2 Set Up Contact List

Module #3 Set Up Contact Form

Module #4 Set Up First Automated Email

Module #5 Set Up Additional Automated Emails

Module #6 Set Up a Campaign Email

Module #7 Set Up ClickFunnels Landing Page

Module #8 Set Up ClickFunnels Webinar Screening Room

Module #9 Integrating ClickFunnels to ActiveCampaign

Module #10 Setting up ClickFunnels Access to FREE Offer

Module #11 Setting up the Sales Funnel

Module #12 How to test the Sales Funnel

Step #3 – Facebook Advertising

Module 1. Introduction to FB Ads

Module 2.  Setting Up Your FB Account

Module 3. FB Page Post Engagement

Module 4. FB Ad Format Basics

Module 5. Basic Targeting Strategies.

Module 6. Setting Up Payment Structure

Module 7. Tracking Your Budget

Module 8. Power Editor

Module 9. 5 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Running Ads.

Module 10. Understanding Facebook Compliance & Policies

Module 11. Understanding the Facebook Brand Assets

Module 12. Understanding Positive & Negative Feedback

Module 13. How to Create a Compliant Landing Page for Using in FB Advertising.

Module 14. Understanding Retargeting with Facebook Advertising

Module 15. The Psychology of Ad Creation for Facebook Advertising

Module 16. The Psychology of Ad Images for Facebook

Module 17. Finding Winning FB Ad Interests

Module 18. The Google Display Planner for Using Hidden Key Adwords

Module 19. Ad Image Instruction for Graphic Designers

Module 20. How to Use Flex Demographic Targeting

Module 21. Overview of a FB Ads Campaign

Module 22 How the FB Ad Campaign Works

Module 23. Bidding Strategies

Module 24. Setting Up Front-End Advertising

Module 25. Setting Retargeting Audiences

Module 26. How to Create a Look-a-Like Audience

Module 27. Advanced Targeting Options

Module 28. Advanced FB Targetind for Physical Products.

Module 29. Advanced Targeting for Local Businesses

Module 30. Advanced Targeting for Life Events

Module 31. Advanced FB Interest Research

Module 32. How to Segment by Behaviors

Module 33. How to Segment by Age Groups & Gender

Module 34. How to Segment by Placement

Module 35. The Ultimate Ad Set

Module 36. Writing Sales Content

Module 37.  Setting up a Facebook Boost